Global Outreach

The earth has 7.2 billion people with about 2.9 billion in people groups that have absolutely no Christian presence. No believers, no Bible, not a single church; the name Jesus has never been heard. However, God is a missional God and as a church we will pray, go and send people into all nations making disciples and spreading the Good News to a lost and dying world.


A believer in Jesus who is ready to step away from comforts, and maybe even place yourself at some risk? Has God has put on your heart to be a messenger of encouragement to a long-term missionary, or to help disciple believers of another culture, or offer Christ for the first time to someone in a foreign land? If “yes”, or better “Yes Lord, Send Me!” a Ridge short-term mission is for you.

We organize and support a few 6 to 10-day trips annually for Ridge members to overseas destinations. Past trips have been to El Salvador and Honduras. Future trips are being planned to Colombia and perhaps the Dominican Republic. Participants must commit to extensive training, and financial participation.

Click HERE to see 2017 short term mission opportunities.

It all starts with prayer

People all over the world from various people
groups are living in unreached areas. It’s our job as
followers of Christ to help spread the Gospel.

Please open your eyes and heart now, by praying regularly,
for a people who presently live in total darkness.

Start Praying

Go Deep

Ridge leaders believe that after prayer, preparation equips us to fully, faithfully, and effectively serve God in foreign missions. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is an unmatched, intensive and demanding course that has introduced a significant portion of Ridge members to the breadth of serving God through missions.

We encourage all Christians to prayerfully consider this course, offered often at various Atlanta locations, and once in Blue Ridge in the spring of 2016. Depending on community interest, a course may be considered again for Blue Ridge in 2017. Regardless, scholarship assistance is available for members, if needed.





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