Ever been really anxious about someone “different”, then had your preconceptions shattered when they surprised you with grace, compassion or friendship?  That is exactly what happened to 17 of us on the Family Mission Trip to Clarkston. In four fast-moving days in July, we dove into relationships with at least 10 different cultures; Pakistanis, Iranians, Bhutanese, Burmese, Indians, Napali, Eritrean, Somalis, Ethiopians, and even a Muslim lady from the Dominican Republic. The food was usually different, and often delightful. We toured and learned about other faiths such as Islam and Hindu. We participated in the reverence of a baby dedication and were completely “at home” in an Indian Christian church. And all this, only two hours away from Blue Ridge, GA!

There was not a person on the team, even the nine-year old boys, who didn’t return with a significantly bigger world view, and with a greater desire to see the Gospel taken to all “ethne” (Matthew 28:19).  We were awed by God, and live now with a new understanding of our global neighbors.  And, we pray, we also were the presence of Jesus, to some who do not yet know Him.