As we closed the year in 2018 The Ridge Community Church continued a tradition of reaching out into the community by working with partner organizations to meet the needs of those less fortunate.  For the third straight year 100% of the Christmas offering went, not into our operating budget but rather to local charitable organizations or directly to meeting individual needs.  This goes to the very heart of the Ridge to make a difference in the lives of people here in our community. 

Already in 2019 we have seen the impact that this partnership can have on the life of a struggling family.  Just recently we had a young couple with a 2 year old and a baby on the way visit The Ridge in a state of near desperation.  Through a series of unexpected events they found themselves between jobs, being forced out of their current home and literally down to their last $50.  Can you imagine?!  We were able to sit down with them and work together to problem solve their situation.  It was clear they were not so much looking for a handout as they were looking to the church to help them help themselves.

We reached out to one of the partner organizations we support, North Georgia Community Action (NGCA), and connected this family to their support and resources.  Working together NGCA and The Ridge we were able to put this sweet family in a position to bridge the gap between their time of desperation and when the husband would start his new job (which included a place to live!).  To see the husband go from desperate and embarrassed to joyous in a 24 hour period was really incredible!  God provided every step of the way.  From our congregation’s faithfulness in giving, to the our staffs prayerful support, to Racheal’s (NGCA) responsiveness, God showered this family with love.

The tendency is to measure the impact of our Christmas giving by the $16,000 dollars raised and donated, or the number of organizations supported.  To do that misses the greater point, lives impacted.  Praise God for the mission heart of The Ridge!

Below is a complete list of the organizations supported from the 2018 Christmas giving:

  • North Georgia Community Action
  • North Georgia mountain Crisis Network
  • Prison Ministry
  • First Call Pregnancy Center
  • Good Samaritans
  • UMC Copperhill Meal Program
  • Running The Ridge
  • Direct benevolence and community programs