We want to invite you to be a part of our 21-day fast. According to the Bible, there are three duties of every Christian: give, pray and fast.  Fasting is voluntarily going without food (or any other regularly enjoyed, good gift from God) for the sake of hearing God’s voice and knowing His will.  We believe by seeking God first at the beginning of the year, He will honor that sacrifice and bless our ENTIRE year (Matthew 6:33)!


  • Discipleship
  • Next Phase of Vision & Development
  • Reaching the Next Generation
  • Family Missions


  • Partial Fast. A partial fast is abstaining from a certain group of food or drinks such as sweets or coffee
  • Full Fast. A full fast is abstaining from all food or drink (except water/broth) for a period of time such as a meal or a full day(s).
  • Daniel Fast. A Daniel fast is a fast where you only consume those things that come from the ground such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grain with water to drink.


  • Three or four times a week skip lunch OR just drink water for the week.
  • Fast from sweets OR caffeine for the week
  • Fast from one meal everyday OR abstain from ALL snacking for the week.
  • Daniel Fast or abstain from eating fast food for the week
  • Fast from lunch and dinner for the week and Daniel fast for breakfast.
  • Pick 3 days this week to fast from food completely. Drink only water or broth.


Each time you think about food or drink during a fast, take just a moment to stop and pray for what God has laid on your heart, as well as our family priorities for 2019.



  • Fasting without prayer and scripture is at best dieting and at worse starving yourself.
  • Take this fast as an opportunity to ask God for the desires of your heart. However, remember that fasting is an opportunity to better hear what the will of God is, not to conform the will of God to what we want.
  • Ease into your fast. If you are new to fasting start small (partial) and work your up (full).
  • If you have medical complications, such as diabetes, talk to your physician first before doing a full fast.