It has been a great semester so far in our Journey Groups here at The Ridge. We are in a message series called Long Story Short. Our Senior Pastor Chan Mitchell is writing a weekly study guide for all our Journey Groups that expands on the Sunday messages. We do this by reading additional verses, asking some questions related to what we are learning, and discussing in our groups. This is a great way to grow in your relationship with Jesus through a deeper understanding of Gods word and how to live it out. When you grow together in Journey Groups this creates community. A community that encourages and cares for each other.
Here are a few comments for some of our Journey Groups.
“One of the biggest blessings of our group is the sense of family that is developing.” This is something we are hearing more and more. 
One group member, who provided a meal for the group, commented, “I love cooking for my family!”
“In no time we have bonded as if we were old friends.  Most of the new members have commented that they feel like they have found a new family or home.”
I love seeing people grow in their personal walk with Jesus, love one another and serve others! When these things happen, community is created.
It is never too late to join a Journey Group. If you have questions or would like more information about Journey Groups contact me anytime at
– Matthew Brogden, Pastor of Family Ministries