For 13 weeks, we were on a journey together called Long Story Short.  While on that journey, we studied key stories, important characters and crucial events from the book of Genesis through the book of Revelation.  Each step along the way, we were careful to identify the common thread that runs through each of those stories and events. That common thread is the Gospel. From before the beginning of time, God had a plan for the redemption of mankind.  That plan was not a scheme or a strategy. Rather, it was a person – the person of Jesus Christ.  If we look close enough, we see our Savior in every book of the Bible.


  • Genesis 1 – Jesus is Creator with our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.
  • Genesis 12 – Jesus is the promise of future blessings for God’s people.
  • Exodus 6 – Jesus is the one who provides an exodus from the slavery of sin and shame.
  • Exodus 20 – Jesus is God’s covenant of salvation and redemption for all of mankind.
  • Joshua 20 – Jesus is the one who secures the future that He has for us.
  • 1 Samuel 13 – Jesus is the one who established His kingdom on earth.
  • 2 Chronicles 36 – Jesus is the father that calls us to return home from sin and rebellion.
  • Ezekiel 36 – Jesus is the voice of warning crying out in the wilderness.
  • Zechariah 11 – Jesus is the coming fountain of salvation and redemption.
  • John 20 – Jesus is the sacrificial lamb and the resurrected Savior of the world.
  • Act 1 – Jesus is the power of our testimony to the nations.
  • 2 Corinthians 6 – Jesus is the one who washes and sanctifies the Church.
  • Revelation 21 – Jesus is our coming King


From the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, we see that God had a plan to redeem us and set us free from the penalty of sin. Jesus was the fulfillment of that plan.  However, the mission still remains. We are to continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ to our neighbors and the nations until Jesus, our King, comes again!


Chan Mitchell
Lead Pastor
The Ridge Community Church