Ridge Student Summer Camp 2019 is a week that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Memories were made, friendships were formed, and lives were changed. We laughed, cried, sang, and served.

This year we attended summer camp at Mission Fuge in North Greenville, South Carolina. Mission Fuge is a worship experience like no other. At M-Fuge students are pushed out of their comfort zones and have the opportunity to serve others in the community. They do this by going into a track group to serve. Our track groups consisted of PCY (Paint, Construction, Yardwork), Children’s, and Social. This teaches students to live a mission minded life every day. To serve in their own communities and to step outside of their comfort zones by using the gifts and abilities God has given them. Mission Fuge is an experience like no other. The atmosphere, the worship, the teachings, and the staffers truly make this an unforgettable week.

Starting the week out at Fuge was a different kind of experience for the students at The Ridge. Many of them had never had an opportunity to serve in the community with their classmates or maybe even at all. They stepped into the week totally reserved and maybe even skeptical about what was to come. By the end of the second day things had changed completely. They were excited about going to their track to serve the next day and couldn’t stop talking about their experiences. Students that barely spoke on Wednesday nights were dancing and singing with children they had jusy met, talking with adults they didn’t know, and knocking on doors to invite others to a local church.

Evening Celebration is so powerful that it’s hard to put into words. In the evenings you go back into the auditorium where you had Morning Celebration and you get to sit with nearly 1,000 others that are all there to worship the same God that you are. You are all there for a common goal and one reason and that is to start or grow a relationship with our Lord and Savior. The first night our students were hesitant to sing, clap, and lift hands. You would never know by the end of the week that they had hesitated at all. Almost all hands were lifted and every voice was raised to praise our God. At evening worship we had an incredible Pastor. The theme that week was “Restored”. The Pastor spoke over a key word each night. These words were design, broken, turn, restored, and go. As you cam imagine some of these words and the messages to go with them hit us exactly how they needed to and we grew closer in our relationship with Christ. Many students were facing the pressures that this day to day life can bring and at summer camp they decided to surrender every problem, situation, and even the outcomes to the one who is in control of it all.

We ended the week with 10 salvations and 1 re-dedication! How AWESOME is that?!

The Holy Spirit was there and alive and moving and changing us each day by allowing us to serve others and to spend a week getting to know his goodness. The best way I know how to describe our week at Mission Fuge was to say that is was life changing. We grew closer to each other as a group and grew closer in our personal relationship with God. I know this week will be one that will never be forgotten and will always remain close to our hearts.