Of the 7.5 billion inhabitants on earth today, 3 billion live in locations and among people groups that have no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  None. There are no churches, no Bibles, and no believers.  In fact, even the name “Jesus” has seldom – if ever – been heard. Honestly, it is hard for a westerner in America to grasp this reality. 

But that is the reality we must consider. 

We are commanded and compelled as Christians to support missionaries that bringThe Gospel to far-off lands and among unreached people (Matthew 28:18-20, Romans 10:14-15).  The Ridge is honored to presently be partnering in long-term works with seven missionary individuals or families, that serve on four continents.  Some are Americans (like Bryon and Ali, or Richard and Amanda), trained and sent into cultures and languages very different from ours, others are indigenous missionaries that already are fluent in local dialects and culture, so they can be immediately effective.  Definitely a few of our Ridge missionaries live “in harm’s way” where there exist governmental or other opposition to the Christian faith. Some of the missionaries we support, like Julian and Patricia, have been persecuted, and some must conduct their ministries secretly, with great care and wisdom.

Our courageous missionaries press on, trusting God, so that those who have never heard may hear, that the Bible can be translated to their own language, so a church or house church can be planted in their own town, or so even their kids can share with neighbors or classmates that there is a Savior, and His mercy offers hope in places of the world where there is no hope.

So we encourage you to help support these seven.  Join us, a growing group of Ridge members who give each month above our tithe, in either small or larger amounts, so that they can have confidence that at least every month, that one challenge they face is not financial.  And as they are “in it for the long haul” we ask you prayerfully consider a monthly support level that is sustainable for you long-term as well.

If you would like to contribute to missions, click here.