If you shop at Ingles, five percent (5 %) of what you spend will be donated by Ingles to our new Outreach Program at The Ridge.

The Outreach Program includes feeding those in need, prayer counseling, and practical training on bettering your life by furthering education and landing a good job.

Here is how the Ingles program works:

  • The Ridge will purchase prepaid cards from Ingles.
  • You can purchase a card from The Ridge at the information Desk in the lobby on Sundays.
  • Choose among cards of $ 50, $ 100,  $ 200 or $ 400.
  • Buying a card does not cost you anything, as Ingles contributes 5 % of your card value to The Ridge. 
  • Your card is good for groceries, drugs and gas.  The cards do not expire and you can buy a card only when you need one.  There is no obligation to buy a card monthly. You can also get Ingles gas points when you use the card.
  • As one church member said: “Why wouldn’t you do this?” It costs you nothing and Ingles is funding our Outreach Mission!”

Interested? Do you have Questions? Contact: