Nothing<Greater Reading Plan

A “knockoff” is a copy or an imitation of a particular product or merchandise. A knockoff might have the same physical appearance of the original, only with the name or logo slightly altered. It may look very similar to the original, but in reality, can be very different in value and quality. The book of Hebrews has a similar message. Whatever we are focusing on for the source of our satisfaction, significance or salvation…Christ is greater.

The book of Hebrews paints a clear picture that Jesus Christ exceeds all other people, pursuits, objects, and hopes. Hebrews exalts Jesus as greater than the angels, as bringing better lives to humanity through salvation, as offering a better hope than the Mosaic Law could promise, as a better sacrifice for our sins than a bull or a goat, and as providing a better inheritance in heaven for those who place their faith in Him. There is truly nothing greater than Jesus Christ!

While we are busy climbing the ladder of success or placing all our hopes in our kids, Jesus offers us a greater position, a greater priest, a greater covenant, a greater hope, and a greater sacrifice. Knockoffs like money, achievements, relationships, etc. are only imitations of the true source of life.  Jesus is superior in every way, and there is nothing greater than His power, His authority, His grace and His presence in our life. Only when we give Jesus His rightful place in our lives will everything else fall into its rightful place.

So we ask you to join us we take a walk through the book of Hebrews for the next 13 weeks. As we travel through God’s word we have a Reading Plan that you can use to follow along with us each week. We are so excited about what God is going to show and teach us through this series over the next few months!