The Global Outreach ministry exists to equip people at The Ridge to engage in outreach and missions by taking the Gospel to the nations, and making Jesus known across the world. We currently support seven long-term missionaries in Colombia, Ethiopia, Asia, Israel, and India. These are all considered pioneering works in unreached and unengaged people groups, with several in countries “closed” to the Gospel.  We also support training programs for Ridge members preparing to serve mid to long-term in foreign lands, including language learning, missions internships, and tuition for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

Short-Term Mission

Be on the lookout for some of our short-term missions opportunities that will be posted on March 15!

We Send Missionaries

We regularly organize short term mission trips and have sent missionaries to El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras. If you are interested in learning about our next mission trip, please contact us.

We Send Mission Teams

We regularly organize short-term mission trips to cross-cultural destinations, often in partnership with Global Effect, in the Dominican Republic. El Salvador and Honduras have also been destinations. This summer we are sending our first family mission team into “America’s most ethnically diverse square mile”, Clarkston, Georgia. We go with the objective to be Christ in the flesh, to present the Gospel when opportunity presents, and to learn to be stretched out of our comfort zones as His messengers.

We Support Missionaries

We currently support four long term missionaries in Columbia, Ethiopia, Asia, and Israel. If you would like to financially support these missionaries click here.

Spreading the Good News

There are 7.2 billion people on the face of the earth, with about 2.9 billion in people groups that have absolutely no Christian presence. No believers, no Bible, not a single church; the name Jesus has never been heard. We believe that God is a missional God, and as a church we will pray, go and send people into all nations making disciples and spreading the Good News to a lost and dying world.

Mission Advisory Council

The Ridge takes seriously the Commission to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Eight missions-trained or experienced individuals advise missions director Ken Conway on strategic direction and investment of resources for maximum Kingdom impact. (Allen Peterson not pictured) 


To learn more about our Outreach Ministry, please use this contact form.

Ministry Leader
Ken Conway, Elder

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