The Global Outreach ministry exists to equip members at The Ridge Community Church to engage our hearts, compassions, and prayers toward the nations, to make Jesus known throughout the world.  One way we do this is by simply going; annually The Ridge trains and sends short-term teams in Jesus’ name to serve with several international partners.  The church also commits significant effort to long-term missions; we currently help support families or individual missionaries on four continents.  All these are pioneering works in unreached people groups, most in countries that are “closed” to and hostile toward the Gospel. The Ridge also supports training programs for members preparing to serve mid to long-term in foreign lands, including language learning, mission internships, and tuition for the intensive course Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

We Send and Support Missionaries

The Ridge helps support twelve missionary families and individuals working among people groups living without the Bible, without a church, and in most cases without any knowledge of Jesus.  These are in Colombia, Ethiopia, a major Asian country, an Arabic nation, and India. All missions are sponsored by creditable and experienced mission agencies.  Monthly financial support sent by the church’s mission fund, prayer, and encouragement by Ridge members help to be God’s sustaining hand to over 30 courageous people.

We Send Short-term Mission Teams

The purpose of short-term missions is of course to carry the Gospel message to the unsaved, to encourage the in-country ministers, but also to change us, those who go. Training before a mission binds the team together in Spirit-led unity of purpose.  Ridge teams usually return from a trip astounded and grateful for the internal change God caused to happen, and excited for future opportunities to trust Him more.  Ridge missions stretch us to become Global Christians- something that doesn’t happen in regular ministry back home.  We become better Heavenly citizens when we serve outside of our country, outside of our comfort.



RidgeMen to El Salvador, May 14 – 19, ¨Christ´s hands repairing homes, His heart repairing lives.¨ Leader is Ken Conway



Ridge Married Couples to La Vega, Dominican Republic, June 6 – 11, Children´s VBS and ¨Christ in Your Marriage.¨ seminar. Leaders are William & Jo Joines.

Young Adult, Singles and Couples to La Vega, Dominican Republic, June 13 – 18, service projects, uniting with college students, and issues of the day. Leader is Chan Mitchell.


RidgeWomen & Crossover Cups, a multifaceted, activity-filled week, Puerto Plata, June 27 – July 2. Leaders are Kathy Brownlee & Trista Ragsdale.


RidgeMen to Sosua, DR, July 9 – 14, we join Miss Karen to repair homes, feed the poor and bless lives. Leader is Todd Fox.

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Spreading the Good News

There are 7.2 billion people on the face of the earth, with about 2.9 billion in people groups that have absolutely no Christian presence. No believers, no Bible, not a single church; the name Jesus has never been heard. We believe that God is a missional God, and as a church we will pray, go and send people into all nations making disciples and spreading the Good News to a lost and dying world.

Mission Advisory Council

The Ridge takes seriously the Commission to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Eight missions-trained or experienced individuals advise missions director Ken Conway on strategic direction and investment of resources for maximum Kingdom impact.


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